Henry Keenan

Organizational Development

Henry Keenan is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Middle Eastern Studies with minors in History and Arabic.  Henry has extensive experience in Jordan and the Middle East, having graduated from high school at King’s Academy in 2014.  In 2012 Henry raised over $20,000 for Amigos de las Americas in what became two service trips to Matagalpa, Nicaragua that year; focusing on general education in Spanish and building school infrastructure.  Henry has additional fundraising and financial experience as the Treasurer of the UC Berkeley Sailing Team, tripling the team’s annual budget through an extensive fundraising campaign.  Henry speaks English and Spanish fluently, and is proficient in Arabic and Latin.


Abhinav Kukreja

Organizational Development

Abhinav Kukreja is an entrepreneur currently pursuing Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he founded Zovata (www.zovata.com), a company dedicated to making Hewlett Packard’s latex printing technology accessible to the average Indian consumer. Currently, he runs Moonshot Ventures (www.msaccelerate.com) an accelerator program for Indian technology companies, to bridge the gap between the Indian and the American startup ecosystems. Abhinav is passionate about applying machine learning to pave the way for breakthroughs in genomics, biotechnology and sustainable energy initiatives. He is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and English.


Moor Xu


Moor Xu is a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, working toward a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Previously, he received his B.S. in Mathematics from Stanford University. He is passionate about merging education and technology, and connecting people with opportunities from around the world. Moor works on entrepreneurship programs through the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. He is also the founder and director of the ASDAN Math Tournament, connecting Chinese students to American math opportunities, as well as the founder of the Atomic Grader, making grading easier and faster for teachers online.  Moor also develops curriculum for Expii to make education more accessible to students from around the world. He is fluent in Chinese and English.


Sasha Gawronska


Sasha Gawronska Madani is pursuing a degree in Political Science and Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. She has extensive experience in conflict resolution and negotiation having taught a course based on the Harvard Negotiation Project for two consecutive years at her university. Her involvement in the field sparked an interest in international law and she looks forward to pursuing a juris doctorate following graduation. In her free time, she spends her summers abroad in Europe teaching the English language to students eager to learn. Sasha is passionate about unifying cultures to work together to create something otherwise unimaginable. Her expertise lies in her marketing, negotiating, communications, and analytical skills. She is fluent in English and Polish.


Ahmad Ahmadian


Ahmad possesses a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and is a prospective PhD student seeking to study Behavioral Economics. He co-designed and co-taught a semester long course named ‘Modern Middle East and ISIS’ at UC Berkeley. He also graduated from the Advanced Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding program, focused on the Middle East, from the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. Ahmad is founder and CEO of Tina Solutions, a web services company which offers web development and web design services to businesses across the education, food, and health industries. In addition, as an experienced social activist, he provides organizational security and political consulting to multiple human rights nonprofit organizations, and social and political campaigns.


Jarrett Wright


Jarrett Wright is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. Before returning to school he founded a real estate development firm involved in property ranging from small duplexes in rural Texas, to semi-custom mansions in Colorado and high rise apartment buildings in Florida. In 2014 Jarrett returned to school for an MBA and has since devoted himself to student equity and inclusion. More recently he has built learning communities for disadvantaged students of color and literally wrote his school’s Student Success & Support, and Equity Plans – plans that garnered well over $4,000,000 in state funding. Currently Jarrett runs a small marketing firm he founded while still dedicating himself to the scholastic advancement of himself, and to that of others around him.


Danielle Vivo


Danielle recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a Development Studies Major. She is passionate about connecting sustainable development to entrepreneurship education. At the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, she works on developing programs for Partners from around the world that come to Berkeley to learn entrepreneurship.

Qise Ibrahim

Qise Ibrahim


Qise Ibrahim is pursuing a degree in Marketing as well as a certificate of legal studies at the University of Georgia. Qise comes from a Palestinian background and attended King’s Academy in the year of 2014, but has visited the area every summer since a young age. Qise has been an avid participant in the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund by assisting in the planning, preparation and execution of the annual fundraising campaigns including the “Walk For Their Lives” 5K, as well as “Trivia Night”. He is currently an intern at the Founder’s Law Firm for the summer and an avid traveler.



Ken Singer

Professor, University of California, Berkeley Department of Industrial Engineering

Ken Singer has been the Managing Director of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley since 2012. Ken is the co-creator of the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Education and is the inventor of the game-based Challenge Lab course now taught in several universities around the world. Challenge Lab courses engage local industry leaders and corporations in spinning out student-led startups such as Lily (a camera-enabled drone for extreme sports enthusiasts) and Eko (a medical device for African and Asian markets). Ken is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has been a guest lecturer at Tech de Monterrey (Mexico), Pontificia Universidad de Catolica (Chile), Tallinn Tech University (Estonia), Kaunas Technical University (Lithuania), Aalto University (Finland), Tsinghua University (China), UFMG (Brasil) and numerous Grandes Ecole in Paris. He works with governments and universities to foster entrepreneurship education and consults with corporations on product and innovation management. Ken is also the co-founder of the Applied Innovation Institute, a nonprofit that sponsors student competitions around the world, including the Arab Mobile App Challenge now in its 3rd year.


John Austin

Headmaster, King's Academy

Dr. John Austin was named headmaster of King’s Academy in 2010, succeeding Founding Headmaster Dr. Eric Widmer and bringing with him over 25 years of experience as a teacher and residential school administrator.

Dr. Austin graduated from Williams College in 1987, where he majored in English and played on the varsity soccer team, spending his junior year at Exeter College Oxford to study literature and political economy. He received a Master’s degree in English literature from Middlebury College in 1991 and a Master of Philosophy and PhD in English and comparative literature from Columbia University in 2000.

Dr. Austin’s career began at St. Andrew’s School, a leading US boarding school in Delaware, where he was a teacher, advisor, coach and dorm parent. He went on to serve as class advisor, department chair, dean of students and academic dean. His scholarly interests include 19th century American literature and the Anglo-American literary market, and he has written extensively on the literature of the American Renaissance. He has also written about a range of educational issues for Independent School magazine and presented at the National Association of Independent Schools and at the Association of Boarding Schools. Dr. Austin also teaches Honors English at King’s.


Steve Adelman

Managing Director at Nexus Partners

Steve Adelman is the founder and Managing Director of Nexus Partners, a Silicon Valley-based consultancy that works with clients on innovation, customer discovery, market entry, strategic partnerships, and revenue growth. He is an expert on Lean Startup and has been a mentor for Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad course at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, and has led Lean Startup sessions for Citrix’s Corporate Accelerator and the Wharton School of Business. Steve has worked with high technology and financial services companies and entrepreneurs for over twenty years. His clients have included dozens of startups from Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia; as well as Fortune 500 clients including Adobe, American Express, Cisco, Citrix, HP, Hitachi, Microsoft, Palm, and VMware.

Dana Shaddad

Dana Shaddad

Founder Imtiaz Middle East and Arab Mobile Challenge

Founder of Imtiaz Middle East, professional services company specialised in developing organisational capabilities in the areas of applied innovation and entrepreneurship development.  Dana’s key expertise are in program design and implementation, developing strategic partnerships, stakeholder management and large scale project management. Dana also spearheads the fundraising for all social programs and has been responsible for raising over USD1.5M in the last two years.


Due to active participation in the start up space, Dana is also acquiring expertise to become an angel investor, through making small investments and getting involved in growing startup companies. In 2010, Dana invested in Augmented Reality, and was responsible for raising USD1M seed money for an Australian based start up.  Today, Dana spends 80% of her time focused on social, non profit work, she is launching the third cycle of the Arab Mobile Challenge, the largest mobile innovation platform of its kind.  Dana is endorsed by the GSMA, this program aims to address issues of job creation through supporting established and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing informal entrepreneurial education and access not just to regional, but also global markets and networks to enable their success


Jordan Wahbeh

VP of Operations & Investments, Bay Angels

Jordan partners with startups grow, scale, and focus on achieving their objectives through operations, fund raising, business development, product development, and team leadership. As an experienced leader, advisor, and mentor, he assists or leads in business operations, business development, org transformation, customer management, and team growth. He is a partner and executive director at Bay Angels, and has a small portfolio of companies he works with. Most recent is his work with VCs and Accelerators in Silicon Valley, Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait, and European groups.  His 20+ years’ experience includes hands-on work, and leadership in high-demand, fast-paced, or structured environments in engineering, business, SW development, IT, Hi-Tech, Big Data/Analytics, IoT, Smart Home, and manufacturing.


Lama Sha’sha’a Abu-Dahab

Co-founder and Chairperson of IRA-International Robotics Academy

Lama Sha’sha’a cofounder and chairperson of IRA-International Robotics Academy.  Lama previously worked in the Ministry of Labour appointed by Prime Ministry in October 2002 in the PMU- Program Management Unit to work with H.E. Minister of Labour on The National Strategy of Poverty and Unemployment.   Lama holds her Master’s Degree in International Trade with the focus on Business Development from Jordan Institute of Diplomacy and also B.A. in Political Science from University of Jordan.  Lama is a mother of four children and while watching her kids she learnt that children enjoy learning by doing and can be motivated and engaged in learning when they understand their competencies and strengths. She also observed that children develop themselves more when they learn in an environment that allows creativity, team building, analytical thinking and problem solving and this what IRA was founded for.  IRA specialises in STEM and Robotics and built a program that targets students from 6-16 years old. IRA’s team believes in students’ potentials to innovate and invent solutions. The program offers support to schools with professionally trained engineers, along with STEM and Robotics Curriculum that was developed as applications on educational concepts.  Several modules of hands-on activities were developed according to international standard curriculum of Math and Science, moreover they emphasis on interdisciplinary approach.  Lama has been recently selected at the GES2016- Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 that has been hosted by President Obama at Stanford University in Silicon Valley where she got the opportunity to participate in:

– Deloitte “The Innovation Salon”

– The announcement of: 100 years of AI-Artificial Intelligence

– Hackathon: Empowering Women through technology


Dr. Abdelraheem Abualbasal

Executive Director of Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship

Dr. Abdelraheem Abualbasal has spent over 20 years in the United States where he studied and co-founded several tech startup companies. His Research interest in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, cloud computing and new generation of web technology. He served as the department head of Business Administration and Social Media Marketing at Princess Sumaya University for Technology.
He is currently the Executive Director of Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship which is a Non-Profit organization established in 2004 to help develop Technology Entrepreneurship in Jordan. The Center is part of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, and plays the role of a national Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurship. Dr Abdelraheem is Working closely with local and international organizations to support QRCE in their key areas of Networking, Capacity Building & Support, and Funding. Dr Abualbasal is the Vice President and founding member of the Asia entrepreneur alliance for the Middle East in addition he is also a member of Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU).