King’s Academy

Participants live and work in the beautiful, spacious and secure 141-acre King’s Academy campus in Madaba, which is a 30-minute drive from the Jordanian capital Amman. Green lawns connect the 33 campus buildings, and the state-of-the-art facilities include two academic centers, an auditorium, a 38,000 volume library, a multi-faith spiritual center, a dining hall, an athletic center, a health center and various dormitories. Athletic facilities include a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, a fitness center, squash and tennis courts and a football stadium.


Participants are accommodated in single rooms in safe and comfortable gender-specific dormitories with round-the-clock assistance from mentors and staff who live in apartments connected to the dormitories.  Each dormitory includes a laundry room and comfortable common rooms where participants can watch TV, catch up with one another or have a quick snack. All participant rooms are equipped with wireless internet connections.

  • Transportation

    All transportation will be provided, including airport shuttling

  • Meals

    Three meals per day are included at the King's Academy Dining Hall

  • Connectivity

    King's Academy offers commercial grade high speed internet

  • Housing

    Each participant has their own dorm room equipped with a bed, dresser, desk and wardrobe

  • Athletic Facilities

    Participants will have Access to the Gym, Pool and Field facilities

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